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NYSTCE Agriculture Test

NYSTCE Agriculture Test Practice Questions

An educator in the agricultural area must have an understanding of the goals of an agricultural education. He or she should also be familiar with the economics and management of agriculture as well as the concepts of all areas of agriculture-both plant and animal.

To qualify to teach an agricultural curriculum in the New York State public school system you must take the NYSTCE Agriculture exam. This test determines whether your knowledge of agriculture measures up to the New York State Academic Standards. The exam consists of approximately ninety multiple-choice test questions covering six areas, and one constructed-response question covering Agricultural Education and Career Development that accounts for 10 percent of the test score. Of the multiple-choice questions, 12 percent are related to Agricultural Education and Career Development; 20 percent to Plant Science; 13 percent to Animal Science; 13 percent to Agricultural Business Management, Economics, and Marketing; 16 percent to Agricultural Mechanics and Technology; and16 percent to Agriculture and Environment.

NYSTCE Agriculture Test Practice Questions

NYSTCE Agriculture Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/15/2014