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NYSTCE American Sign Language Test

The NYSTCE American Sign Language exam assesses a person's knowledge of sign language as well as his/her skills in that area. Passing this exam qualifies you to use American Sign Language to communicate with students in the New York State public school system.

There are four subareas in the test: 30 percent of the test consists of Receptive Comprehension questions; 20 percent of Linguistics of American Sign Language questions, 20 percent of Deaf Culture questions, and 30 percent of Productive Proficiency assignments. The NYSTCE American Sign Language exam is comprised of approximately seventy multiple-choice test questions along with the two productive proficiency assignments. The first sets of receptive comprehension multiple-choice questions are answered after viewing a video that is recorded using American Sign Language. The videos are each played twice. When these receptive comprehension questions are completed, the rest of the multiple-choice questions can be completed at your own pace.

The productive proficiency part of the exam will be conducted in individual testing rooms where you must respond in American Sign Language to assignments presented in the exam.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014