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NYSTCE Certification

NYSTCE Certification The New York State Teachers Certification examinations are given to candidates interested in obtaining initial NYSTCE certification, permanent certification, or a bilingual language extension. Examinations are also available for those interested in levels I, II, III or Pre- Professional teaching assistant certification.

Applicants for initial certification are required to pass the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written, and the Content Specialty test related to the chosen area of specialization. If you obtained a provisional certificate prior to February 2, 2004, you must pass the Content Specialty test in the provisional certificate area. The Assessment of Teaching Skills-Performance must also be completed in order to receive permanent certification.

A bilingual education extension is granted to candidates who have a teaching certificate and who pass the Bilingual Education Assessment in the language they are certifying to teach.

NYSTCE certification for candidates who are interested in working as teaching assistants are also given. Candidates can qualify for levels I-III or for pre-professional certification by passing the Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills.

The New York Commissioner of Education determines requirements for passing scores for each test in conjunction with proposals offered by a committee of educators and other professionals. These requirements are objective standards; candidates are not ranked against one another. Total scores for all tests except the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Performance fall between 100 and 300 points. This total score represents a combination of correct multiple choice answers and constructed-response assignments. In order to pass, candidates must score at least 220.

The Assessment of Teaching Skills-Performance video will be scored as either passing or not passing. Candidates who failed to pass will be given sufficient information as to why so that upon retesting they will have a better chance of obtaining NYSTCE certification.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014