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NYSTCE Dance Test

NYSTCE Dance Test Practice Questions

An educator in the area of dance must not only have the skills related to dance but must also know the composition of dance and how it can be used as a communicator. Creation and performance are also key elements for a teacher who wants to teach in the New York State public school system. The NYSTCE Dance exam tests knowledge and skill in the area of dance to measure it against the New York State Academic Standards.

The NYSTCE Dance exam consists of approximately ninety multiple-choice questions as well as one constructed-response (written) question. The areas covered are: Dance Elements and Skills, which accounts for 24 percent of the exam; Creating and Performing Dance, which accounts for another 28 percent of the exam; Anatomy, Health, and Dance in Everyday Life, which is 24 percent of the exam; Dance and Culture, which is 14 percent of the exam; and Responding to and Analyzing Dance (the constructed-response question), which accounts for 10 percent of the exam. NYSTCE Dance Test Practice Questions

NYSTCE Dance Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/15/2014