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NYSTCE Earth Science Test

Earth science teachers in the state of New York are educators who have knowledge and skills in science that can be applied effectively in the classroom to teach and assess students' progress in scientific learning and problem solving. They will be teaching students the relationship of earth science to things like math and technology. They will instill in their students an understanding of scientific inquiry and the skill for problem-solving in the sciences.

The NYSTCE Earth Science exam will test your knowledge in many subareas to see if it is in accordance with the New York State Academic Standards. You will be tested by ninety multiple-choice questions in the following areas: Foundations of Scientific Inquiry will be 25 percent of the exam; Space Systems accounts for 18 percent of the exam; Atmospheric Systems accounts for 22 percent of the exam; Geological Systems will be 14 percent of the exam; and Water Systems will be another 11 percent of the exam. The constructed-response questions of the NYSTCE Earth Science exam will be on Geological Systems and will comprise 10 percent of the exam.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014