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NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Test

Teachers of family and consumer sciences must pass the NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences exam, which tests their knowledge of the subject. These teachers must show that they have the necessary knowledge and skill in all of the subareas of the exam. They must be able to show that they have an understanding of family and consumer education and a familiarity with health and wellness and related human and family development. Those who pass the test show that they will be able to comply with the New York State Academic Standards to teach the roles and responsibilities of individuals and families in modern society.

The NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences exam is comprised of approximately ninety multiple-choice questions in the areas of Workplace Skills and Careers-13 percent of the exam; Consumer Skills and Resource Management-17 percent of the exam; Human Development and Parenting-21 percent of the exam; Nutrition, Food Science, and Food Production-13 percent of the exam; Individual and Family Health and Wellness-13 percent of the exam; and Interpersonal and Family Relationships-13 percent of the exam. There is also one constructed-response question that accounts for the final 10 percent of the exam that is on Human Development and Parenting.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014