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NYSTCE Gifted Education Test

NYSTCE Gifted Education Test Practice Questions

Gifted children have distinctive social and academic needs so the teacher of the gifted must understand this and be able to provide a suitable environment for these students. The NYSTCE Gifted Education exam will test future teachers of the gifted to see if their knowledge and skills comply with the New York State Academic Standards. Persons who take the exam must demonstrate particular abilities, among them-being able to identify gifted students, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, foster critical and creative thinking, and find appropriate placement of these students in programs that can help them develop their gift.

The NYSTCE Gifted Education exam consists of approximately ninety multiple-choice questions. These questions cover the area of Promoting Student Development and Learning-39 percent; Understanding Students with Gifts and Talents-13 percent; Working in the Professional Environment-19 percent; and Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Gifts and Talents-19 percent. The constructed-response question on Promoting Student Development and Learning is 10 percent of the exam. NYSTCE Gifted Education Test Practice Questions

NYSTCE Gifted Education Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/15/2014