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NYSTCE Health Education Test

NYSTCE Health Education Test Practice Questions

The New York State Academic Standards require that teachers of health education pass the NYSTCE Health Education exam to demonstrate that teachers have the knowledge and skills in this area to teach in the New York State public school system. These skills include having an understanding of the goals of health education to maintain health as well as a healthy environment. The health education teacher will be familiar with community resources and have the skills to find solid health information to help students address their own and others' health.

The NYSTCE Health Education exam assesses a teacher's knowledge of health education in many subareas through approximately ninety multiple-choice questions and one constructed-response question. The multiple-choice questions are divided as follows: Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment-18 percent of the exam; Personal Health and Fitness-36 percent of the exam; the Health Education Program-14 percent of the exam; and Health-Related Resources and Skills-22 percent of the exam. The constructed-response question that accounts for 10 percent of the exam is on Health-Related Resources and Skills.

NYSTCE Health Education Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/15/2014