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NYSTCE Latin Test

The NYSTCE Latin exam is structured to test teachers' knowledge of the Latin language and literature. These teachers must be able to read and understand Latin and be able to explain how the Latin language has had a vital role in the development of our English language. The Latin teacher will be able to enlighten her students about the ancient world that has provided us with our own language as well as other languages and be proficient in writing the Latin as well.

If a teacher passes the NYSTCE Latin exam, he/she has the proper knowledge and skill that is required by the New York State Academic Standards. The test questions consist of approximately seventy multiple-choice questions and one writing assignment and one oral reading assignment. The questions are in the areas of Cultural Understanding-25 percent; Reading Comprehension and Appreciation-30 percent; Writing-10 percent; Cultural Understanding-25 percent; and Oral Reading 10 percent.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014