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NYSTCE Multi-Subject Test

Those who pass the NYSTCE Multi-Subject exam are qualified to teach grades pre-K-9 in the New York State public school system. They are able to transmit knowledge in a variety of areas such as social studies, mathematics, and fine arts, among others. The multi-subject teacher can apply language skills along with problem-solving techniques to teach in all areas. He/she can analyze, interpret, apply, and evaluate in addition to imparting knowledge. In addition, these teachers can understand and facilitate child development and relationships. They are qualified to teach per the New York State Academic Standards.

The NYSTCE Multi-Subject exam consists of approximately ninety multiple-choice questions in the areas of Family and Consumer Science and Career Development-7 percent; Health and Fitness-8 percent; Fine Arts-8 percent; Social Studies-15 percent; Science and Technology-13 percent; Mathematics-18 percent; and English Language Arts-21 percent. There is also a constructed-response question involving the Foundations of Reading that accounts for the last 10 percent of the exam.

NYSTCE Multi-Subject Test Practice Questions

NYSTCE Multi-Subject Test Practice Questions

NYSTCE Multi-Subject Test Answer Key

Last Updated: 05/15/2014