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NYSTCE Physics Test

Passing the NYSTCE Physics exam qualifies a person to teach physics in the New York State public school system in line with the New York State Academic Standards. To pass this test, an educator must understand the history of science and physics and how it interrelates with other sciences, mathematics, and technology. Teachers must be skilled in scientific inquiry and the critical thinking skills necessary to approach a problem, seek an answer to the problem, and be able to explain the answer to students in a way that teaches them how to do the same. Physics teachers must be able to seek and process information and apply appropriate technologies to solve problems.

The approximately ninety multiple-choice questions of the NYSTCE Physics exam test a person's knowledge in the following areas: Quantum Theory and the Atom-16 percent of the exam; Waves, Sound, and Light-16 percent of the exam; Mechanics and Thermodynamics-23 percent of the exam; Foundations of Scientific Inquiry-19 percent of the exam; and Electricity and Magnetism-16 percent of the exam. The one constructed-response question worth 10 percent of the exam is in the area of the Foundations of Scientific Inquiry.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014