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NYSTCE Practice

Passing the required New York State Teacher Certification examinations requires a substantial amount of preparation. It's important that candidates understand how important it is to make daily and weekly time for NYSTCE practice review.

No doubt you've asked classmates or other teachers how they plan to prepare; that's a good first step, as long as you remember that everyone is different. The best method for you will be based upon your personal learning style and your lifestyle needs. If you simply imitate someone else's approach, there's a very high possibility you'll end up wasting time and testing below where you should have. Therefore, spend a little time thinking about how you learn best. Some people like long, intensive sessions without interruption. Others prefer frequent "mini-reviews." Still others find that doing NYSTCE practice with a friend is most useful. Of course, you have to accommodate your learning style to your life. Whether you've got school or work obligations, a spouse or kids, you're going to have to figure out how to fit hours of concentrated study into your lifestyle.

It's equally important to recognize that the materials you choose should complement how you best learn. Are you someone who needs a book in hand because you want to make notes in the margins and you like how books organize materials for you? Or perhaps that's not "you" at all if you've done a lot of your learning online, and may find books bulky. Maybe you're the type who likes flashcards, so you'll never waste even a moment that could be used productively. No matter your learning style or preferred materials, you should plan to enhance your review by taking a substantial number of NYSTCE practice test questions. Because we know you can succeed, we're happy to provide free practice test questions to show you the type of questions you can expect and to help you study.

Here's a tip for those of you with families. You can enlist their support by giving them the opportunity to test you for a change! Your children will think grading your free test questions or drilling you with flashcards is great fun. Because they will feel like an important part of the process, you can count on their encouragement, understanding, and support during the time you must take to prepare. Giving sufficient time to NYSTCE practice is important; with it, your success is practically guaranteed.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014