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NYSTCE School Building Leader Test

The NYSTCE School Building Leader conveys the vision of the school to the community and is committed to making the vision a reality. The school building leader is the person who sets standards, provides opportunities, and manages change in the public school system of the state of New York. The NYSTCE School Building Leader exam tests a person's ability to provide a supportive learning environment for students in a number of ways.

The NYSTCE School Building Leader exam and assessment consists of two tests of approximately one hundred and twenty multiple-choice questions as well as four written assignments. Examination is in the following areas: Managing Change, Making Decisions, and Ensuring Accountability accounts for 29 percent of the exam; Managing School Resources, Finances, and Compliance accounts for 18 percent of the exam; Developing, Communicating, and Sustaining an Educational Vision accounts for 21 percent of the exam; and Leading the Schoolwide Educational Program accounts for the final 32 percent of the exam.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014