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NYSTCE School District Business Leader Test

The NYSTCE School District Business Leader is the person who works in conjunction with other school district leaders to facilitate implementation of the educational programs in the public school system of the state of New York. The NYSTCE School District Business Leader exam tests a person's ability to plan, establish relationships, identify problems, and propose solutions. In 2006, new regulations were developed to prepare, test, and certify New York State educational leaders. The assessment of leaders is based upon principles developed by the New York State Board of Regents' Blue Ribbon Panel on School Leadership.

The NYSTCE School District Business Leader exam is in the form of two tests. Combined, these tests consist of approximately one hundred and twenty multiple-choice and four written questions. The areas covered in the assessment test are: Overseeing District Financial and Physical Resources-33 percent of the test; Supporting the District Educational Vision-17 percent of the test; Administering Human and Support Resources to Support Learning Goals-17 percent of the test; and Supporting Change and Sustainability in the District-33 percent of the test.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014