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NYSTCE School District Leader Test

The NYSTCE School District Leader works with the board of education to develop goals for schools within the district. The school building leader is the person who communicates, assesses, motivates, and develops other leaders in the public school system of the state of New York. The NYSTCE School District Leader exam tests a person's ability to build relationships with other district educational entities, initiate and maintain change, and build focus on what is important. Assessment takes the form of two tests, each of which contains multiple-choice questions (approximately one hundred and twenty in total) and written assignments (four assignments in total).

The NYSTCE School District Leader exam is in the form of two tests. Combined, these tests consist of questions in these areas: Leading the District Educational Program-32 percent of the test; Developing, Communicating, and Sustaining an Educational Vision-21 percent of the test; Managing District Resources, Finances, and Compliance-18 percent of the test; and Supervising District-wide Change and Accountability-29 percent of the test.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014