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NYSTCE Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written Test

The Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written exam tests a person's ability to teach grades 5 to 12. Persons who pass this test are able to help students develop by providing them with a supportive learning environment. They are able to employ a number of strategies for the purpose of engaging students in the learning process and are able to use standard and alternative means to assess the progress of students. These teachers demonstrate through testing that they meet the New York State Academic Standards and are qualified to teach in the New York State public school system.

The NYSTCE Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written exam is composed of approximately eighty multiple-choice questions and one constructed-response question in the following areas: Professional Environment-17 percent of the exam; Student Development and Learning-25 percent of the exam; and Instruction and Assessment-38 percent of the exam. The constructed-response question accounts for 20 percent of the exam and is in the area of Instruction and Assessment.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014