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NYSTCE Visual Arts Test

A person who wishes to teach visual arts in the public schools system of the state of New York must take and pass the NYSTCE Visual Arts exam to demonstrate that he/she has knowledge and skills that comply with the New York State Academic Standards. This person will understand the fundamentals of art and know how to integrate art into the other academic disciplines of a student's education. The Visual Arts teachers know the history of art and its relation to culture as well as how to enhance a student's learning in the visual arts by visiting cultural institutions along with teaching in the classroom.

The NYSTCE Visual Arts exam tests a person's knowledge through approximately ninety multiple-choice questions and one constructed-response question. The multiple-choice questions are in the following areas: Principles and Elements of Art and Design-15 percent of the exam; Visual Arts Materials and Processes-23 percent of the exam; Aesthetic and Interdisciplinary Connections-19 percent of the exam; and Visual Arts and Culture-33 percent of the exam. The constructed-response question is in the area of Visual Arts and Culture and accounts for 10 percent of the exam.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014